About RRB

Hello Fam!

We are so thankful you have found us. Learn more about our mission, vision, and values below.


Our goal is to satisfy the intellectual and social appetites of our community by serving the freshest literary content and nourishing goods from the African Diaspora.


Red Rice & Beans Diaspora Bookstore is a virtual shop dedicated to curating the best texts and merchandise from the African Diaspora. We aim to showcase the power of people-centered literary and cultural production by promoting small Black businesses and publishing presses to our global community of readers. 


  • We serve (embrace) inclusive Blackness and the diversity of Black identities worldwide in such a way that protects, respects, and is sensitive to the dignity of all Black people and opposes anti-Blackness in all of its forms. 
  • We serve an active community rooted in the enduring tradition of the pan-African struggle for freedom and strive to contribute to that enduring journey/ movement towards freedom.
  • We serve dynamic literary experiences and exploration by critically engaging with ideas, words, and each other–we leverage literature to better the world. 
  • We serve commitments to environmentally sustainable business practices and strive to limit the negative impacts of environmental racism on Black people worldwide.  
  • We serve an intentional platform for Black people to tell their stories and create their  present and future realities by promoting authors, illustrators, publishers, presses, artisans and creatives from our communities with the knowledge that we often rely on a broader community to make this possible.

Pull up. The table is ready. Take a seat.

Ways You Can Help Set The Table

Easy, spread the word. 

We are taking donations as we prepared to serve up the freshest literature and nourishing good. Visit our GoFundMe page!
Use  share tools, use the hashtags #rrbbookstore #youreinvited #setthetable and tag us! We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok @rrb_bookstore. Call up the fam and say “You’re invited! Let’s support RRB Bookstore!” Tell them they have the chance to bring new global voices to our own table.