Flavors of Africa: Discover Authentic Family Recipes from All Over the Continent (Paperback)

Flavors of Africa: Discover Authentic Family Recipes from All Over the Continent By Evi Aki Cover Image
By Evi Aki
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Explore Africa's Spices, Tastes and Time-Honored Traditions

In Flavors of Africa, Evi Aki shares the traditional Nigerian dishes she grew up enjoying, as well as typical eats from all across the continent. She introduces customary recipes from each of Africa’s different regions, including meals from Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, Angola and more, all of which she collected with the help of relatives and family friends.

Sample tried-and-true staples that have survived generations, like Nigerian Red Stew, Jollof Rice, Moroccan Spiced Lamb and Eritrean Red Lentils with Berbere Spice Mix. Enjoy Evi’s unique spin on classics like West African Egusi Soup and Ewa Oloyin (a vegetarian bean dish), in addition to her lighter and healthier take on traditional African street foods like Zanzibar Pizza.

Whether you’re a foodie, a spicy food aficionado or simply looking for a colorful new cuisine to try, Flavors of Africa is an excellent map for your culinary journey.

About the Author

Evi Aki is the founder of Ev’s Eats. She is also a travel contributor for The Daily Meal, and her recipes and videos have been featured on numerous websites, including MSN.com, BuzzFeed, Brit + Co and Yahoo, among others. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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